Hyundai Lease Return Center in Baytown, TX

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Visit the Hyundai Car Lease Return Center at Baytown Hyundai

Your Hyundai lease is coming to an end, and you may be thinking about returning your leased car. We want to make sure you’re aware of all of your Hyundai lease return choices before it’s time to return your vehicle. What happens when you return a leased car? Our team is happy to answer that question with choices that are best suited for your Houston driving situation.

Hyundai Lease Return

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How to Return a Leased Car in Houston

Our Hyundai Lease Return Specialists can provide you with all the information you need to make returning a leased car sail along smoothly, as well as providing information on any current offers that might be available to you. Here’s how to return a leased car:

  • No appointment is necessary; just show up and let us know you have a Hyundai lease return.
  • The whole process should take less than 15 minutes.
  • View our online inventory to schedule a test drive or visit our dealership in person.
  • When you leave, we will inform Hyundai Financial that you have returned the car to us, and it is now at our dealership and no longer in your possession.
  • We may be able to pick up your car directly from you. Please call us at 832-262-4259 to inquire about this service.

When you’re returning a leased car, be sure to bring the following:

  • Copy of lease-end inspection, if possible.
  • All owner’s manuals, keys, spare tires, navigation discs, cargo covers, and anything else that came with the car that you still have.

There are instances where we can assist you with the last few remaining payments on your current Hyundai Financial lease and apply those payments toward a new vehicle through Hyundai Financial Services.

For additional information regarding your lease-end options and scheduling an inspection, please contact us to speak with a Hyundai Lease Return Specialist today!

What Happens When You Return a Leased Car?

Now that you know how to return a leased car to our Hyundai car lease return center, then what? You have several options when it comes to acquiring a new car to drive home to Pasadena. They include:

  • Buy out the lease and take full ownership of the car you’ve been driving.
  • Lease or purchase or new or used vehicle from us.
  • Upgrade to a new Hyundai lease.

Hyundai Lease Return Fees and Rewards

Depending on how well you adhere to the terms of your Hyundai lease, you could have rewards coming your way or maybe some fees to pay:

  • If you make an early Hyundai lease return, you might face fees for violating the terms of the lease.
  • If you exceed your lease agreement’s mileage limit, you’ll be charged 20 cents per mile you’re over the limit.
  • You can be charged fees for excess wear and use, turn-in fees, past due or unpaid monthly payments, or any other unpaid fees, taxes, tolls, or violations. You’re responsible for all taxes due while you’re in possession of your leased vehicle.

However, there are situations where you can receive rewards from Hyundai! If you upgrade to a new lease or finance a new Hyundai within 60 days of returning your lease, you’ll earn a Loyalty Reward of up to $900 to go towards any turn-in fees or excess wear and use charges.

Bring Your Questions to the Hyundai Car Lease Return Center at Baytown Hyundai

We’ve gone over the basics of how to return a leased car to the Baytown Hyundai Car Lease Return Center. If you have more questions about returning a leased car, one of the professionals at our Hyundai car lease return center can give you more details. Contact us today with all your Hyundai lease return questions. We’re here to help!